In 1977 Chris, as a 14-year-old, visited Uncle Sherman in New York. Sherman, a distant relative, was an NYPD cop who also liked a cold beer. One night he asked Chris if he wanted to visit “Beer Dock” with him. “Beer Dock” conjured up a grand image of world beers stacked high, enough to excite any 14-year-old lad. 

Upon arriving it was nothing more than a small, wet, dank warehouse selling Bud, Coors and Miller Light. However, the name stuck with Chris for nearly 40 years and in 2013 Beer Dock was invented. 

Beerdock embodies and reflects the American Craft Beer movement with the logo emblematic of all that is American “route 66” which symbolises the Craft Beer journey across the USA, on the world’s most famous road. Beer and route 66 are the most musically inspired topics in the USA.

Beerdock’s mission is to bring Craft Beer across the UK by way of a journey over time and distance, to a brewing industry stepped in history.

We try and purchase directly from the independent and local breweries in order to keep the supply chain as small as possible and reduce any unwarranted costs from third party suppliers. To this end, we have unrivalled relationships with small breweries in the UK, and we can be seen to be the lifeblood and largest customer for many of them.

We want to maintain our local identity and continue to support small breweries giving them an opportunity to sell and showcase their beers to a wider audience. We have helped many small breweries like this and invested small amounts in Crowdfunding campaigns. ( Redchurch, Wild beer, Brewdog, Innes and Gunn, Seven brothers, Derby brewing)

Currently, in the UK there are approximately 1,700 microbreweries producing some 11,000 unique and individual beers. The USA has approximately 5,000 breweries and possibly producing 80,000 beers. When you add in the European Craft scene, the Australian and New Zealand, we estimate there is in excess of 150,000 worldwide Craft Beers to choose. The supply chain is limitless, and from our experience, the ever-changing and rotating selection is the unique selling point within Beer Dock. It certainly gives us plenty to aim for.